If you buy a Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies, you are obligated to pass by a broker,a website that will sell you against a bank transfer or a payment by Credit Card. Buy & Sell Bitcoin,All Bitcoins purchased from IQ Option are protected by the compensation fund,Fast withdrawal . Get free tokens 

I do not know them all, but my buddies and I have tested several since the beginning of the year so I will tell you a few that I found nice. On the other hand, I do not indicate the costs of each of the sites since it changes all the time … I would rather invite you to refer to their.

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 but before entering the heart of the matter, I still have to clarify several points:


1 –  all brokers charge a commission.
2 – validation of identity processes are highly annoying if you want to achieve correct purchase or sales levels. Go scans his ID card, sometimes his CB and sometimes his face… No choice.
3 – cryptocurrencies prices constantly change and brokers on that play to shoot their margin and a rubber band. So always check that the currency corresponds to what the broker offers you.
 4 –  cryptocurrencies, it’s like real money unless the Bank it’s you. So, keep yourself safe your money and do not trust third-party platforms. This safety aspect will be a future article, because there are a lot of things to say.
5 – most brokers offer affiliate links. Do not hesitate to use, it will allow you to buy a little more cryptocurrencies. Some links in this article are affiliated.
6 – before buying a cryptocurrencies, ask on the project which is located behind and the people who care to measure the potential of the currency and its return on investment possible in the months or years to come.

7 –  the SEPA credit transfer, it’s cool, but it takes time… So if you initiate a transfer because the course of the cryptocurrencies is not high, it’s already too late, because until the money arrives, it will have probably changed.

Where to buy Ethereum ? 


Where To buy Bitcoin ?



Also note that most platforms offer only bitcoin for purchase, as this is the reference currency that can then be used to buy lots of others (the famous Altcoins). So from a single purchase of bitcoin, you will then have access to the currencies of your choice. I also remind you that you are the guarantor of your money, and that it is up to you to be responsible for what you will do with it.

 Here is the best Cryptocurrency exchange platform

 Crypto Coin Exchanges | Buy & Sell Bitcoins & Altcoins‎.

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This one, I like her because it is simple to use and you can pay by credit card, so have its virtual currency quickly. Bitpanda offers of the Bitcoin, of the Ethereum, the Dash and the Litecoin (CTA) to purchase.You can Buy Apple Products with BTC ,Use Bitcoin payment method and buy Apple products .



 Of course, you can also pay by SEPA credit transfer. I also tried their support and it works.

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