Apple : A laser sensor dedicated to Augmented reality for future iPhone?


the TrueDepth front camera, it is up to the rear camera that Apple will attack
with the 2019 iPhone. According to Bloomberg, the Cupertino engineers would
work on a laser sensor system capable of modeling a 3D environment from the
back sensor of the phone. 

Once implemented, this technology could allow Apple
to improve its portrait mode and better integrate the augmented reality
elements into the real environment.

Smart Augmented reality

Since iOS11, Apple offers developers ARKit, a development kit for implementing
virtual content from the real environment through the camera of the iPhone.
Available from the iPhone 6s. Applications like IKEA Place, which allow placing
furniture in real size in its environment, suggested the potential of augmented
reality. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, already defined as “the next
revolution” of the brand.

a laser detection system, Apple could send an invisible signal to the human eye
and wait for its return to accurately measure the distance between the device
and each of the objects in a room. The addition of such technology would allow
the iPhone not fooled by objects on the ground and therefore not to overlay images
in places where they could not actually exist.

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capabilities of the iPhone to measure the size of the real objects could be
improved. Today, applications of measure in ARKit as MeasureKit still have a
margin of imprecision too important to be able to rely on the technology to
measure objects or people.

Best and improved camera


the introduction of a laser on the rear camera technology should allow Apple to
significantly improve enough his portrait mode to correct the many problems present
today. In our tests, we noticed that the mode proposed by Apple is often
confused and makes no difference between foreground and background items.
precisely measuring the distances, the next iPhone should be able to fix
these flaws and provide a much more accurate technology. However, remember that
this famous laser sensor expected in the iPhone 8 and X rumors
last year. Today, only from the Tango Project of Google phones offer
similar technologies.

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