Galaxy S9: An interesting concept inspired by the iPhone X


Galaxy S9 inherit the design of the current model. It would be rather logical,
but a designer has chosen for its part to move away and design a concept
inspired this time of a competing terminal.
and materials do not change. This concept inherits indeed of a box made of
glass and metal, with similar ergonomics at any point – or almost – than the
current model. The two volume buttons on the left side, above the button used for
the voice assistant of the brand.

The S9 Galaxy gets a new concept

current phones, the fingerprint reader is not in the back. The concept author
chose to place it at the front and integrate it directly to the slab. In fact,
unfortunately, that should not be the case.
most recent reports indicate that the Galaxy S9 fingerprint reader will placed
at the rear. On the other hand, the usual observers expect a new design at the
rear plate level.
Galaxy S9 imagined by this designer is also equipped with a huge screen
covering the entire façade of the terminal. Almost everything.
order to be able to house the loudspeaker, the front camera and the usual
sensors, the creator of this concept chose to place a tab over the screen, a
tab that inevitably reminds that of the IPhone X.
again, it would be surprising that the S9 Galaxy follows this path.

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A creation that reminds the iPhone X

changes made to the photo module placed in the back of the phone. The latter
indeed has two lenses and two sensors on a vertical axis. The module is however
much less imposing than the Galaxy Note 8 and it blends so more in the décor.
Flash double tone and the heart rate monitor always answered the call, but they
shifted to the left of the photo module.

designer of the concept is also amused to imagine this Galaxy S9 data sheet and
so he went on an Infinity of 5.8 inches screen protected by a plate treated
with Gorilla Glass 5, all with a 18:9 format and a definition tending towards
the QHD +. For the processor, he opted not surprisingly for a Snapdragon 845
coupled with 6 or 8 GB of RAM, with between 128 and 256 GB storage space.

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