iPhone 5 x: Here is the fusion between  iPhone X and  iPhone 5


Those nostalgic for the old design of the iPhone 5 and earlier, there are
still few more..Toucan Design has just thought of them with this new concept
of iPhone 5 X.
It gives the taste of the day the design of the IPhone 5 and brings the
necessary upgrades at the level of the screen as well as the camera.
can say that X iPhone inspired and looking forward to its release on November 3
has been long for some. Others preferred to use this time to imagine the future
of the iPhone itself, one device stamped Apple to stay in the catalog with a 4
inch screen.

heard you a similar concept last month, and Toucan Design has rather taken the
party to revisit the iPhone 5, improve however considerably.
iphone 5 x therefore combines the capabilities of the new iphone to the original
design of the iphone. The device is equipped with a screen that covers a
non-negligible surface despite the relatively large black band.

An attractive iPhone 5X


back of the phone is equipped with a double photo sensor that does not

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ignition button placed on the right side, next to the location for the SIM card.
The case in aluminum with rounded edges.
width and height appear proportional to those of the IPhone 5. In their
concept, the designers equip the phone with a special version of IOS, whose
colors make it rather well with the camera.
such a design and improved capabilities, similar to 5 X iPhone phone could well
become a new benchmark in the world of smartphones to small size and a good
successor to the iPhone OS.

all of the concept from HERE .

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