Samsung has created a Bitcoin mining RIG with Galaxy S5

Samsung also seems to be of this opinion and the Korean manufacturer has
launched a new initiative called “Upcycling” whose aim is to
transform old smartphones into something new and useful!


A Bitcoins mining RIG created from 40 old Galaxy S5

Bitcoins mining RIG, for example, is made up of 40 old Galaxy S5 that operate
on a new operating system that Samsung has developed for its Upcycling
has presented this mining of Bitcoins RIG, and a bunch of other cool uses of
old phones, at its recent developer’s conference in San Francisco. Upcycling is
to reuse old appliances rather than break them down into parts for resale.
members of the C – Lab of Samsung, a team of engineers dedicated to creative
projects, presented old Galaxy phones and tablets without the Android software
and reused in the form of various objects.

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Useful objects created from old Galaxy smartphones

team has assembled more than 35 old Galaxy S5 to make a mining of Bitcoins rig,
transformed a former Galaxy Tablet into a laptop powered by Ubuntu, used a
Galaxy S3 to monitor an aquarium and programmed an old phone with software face
to create recognition a device (in the form of an OWL) to protect the entrance
of a House.
declined to answer specific questions about the mining of Bitcoins rig, but a
fact sheet at the developer’s conference indicated that eight Galaxy S5 devices
can be used to make the mining with a larger energy efficiency as a standard
desktop computer.

Samsung will publish free all software and plans for its
“Upcycling” initiative

South Korean giant plans to publish for free online at the same time the
software he used to unlock phones and different plans of the projects. A
website will be set up for this purpose and will allow users to download a
software that removes Android and opens the devices to other forms of software.

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