The Flash Season 4: DeVoe wants to merge with Barry? The OMG theories


Released this November 21 on the CW, the 7th episode of the Flash season
4 raised the veil on the identity of the great villain of this new chapter. But
what is the ultimate plan of Clifford DeVoe a.k.a. The Thinker? Speculation.
the speed of the mind surpass the physical velocity? For the first time since
the launch of the fourth season of the Flash, Barry has been faced with a
villain with many different abilities and intentions than his previous nemesis.
After confronting the reverse Flash, Zoom or Savitar , the
speedster will face this season at the thinker, a man with unrivalled
intellectual abilities.
by lightning on the evening of the explosion of the particle accelerator,
Professor Clifford DeVoe unveiled this week that he was behind the creation
of new meta-humans. However, his ultimate plan remains particularly vague,
which is why various theorists and speculators have challenged themselves to
determine the details of the thinker’s plan before they are revealed on the
screen …
the Reddit, the user Signalize has developed a relatively affectionate
theory by the admirers of the Arrowverse. According to him, DeVoe,
suffering from an incurable multiple sclerosis, would like to appropriate the
body and the aptitudes of Barry to link his vivacity of mind to the
physical speed of the superhero.

 “I think his final goal is to merge with

entrusted Signalize. “His body loses him little by little and
everything he does is directly related to Barry and Flash.” “If he
could implant his brain into the body of Flash, he would have the fastest mind
and body in the world.” In other words, the speculator imagines for Barry
and Devo a destiny at the Firestorm.
DeVoe, an antagonist to the heroic mission?
the theory of the merger of DeVoe and Barry is currently highly acclaimed on
the Web, it is also discussed at length. Still on Reddit, another user
has brought to light the possibility that DeVoe‘s intentions are not so
despicable as that.

 “I think the writers just want us to believe that
DeVoe is a villain,” 

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but that his plan is far more honorable than it
seems, “said Addy_g.” His body loses him, and he wants to create a
better world, and the only way for him to do it before to die would be to make Flash
better, smarter, stronger. Instead of offering him his help, he provokes him.
meta that he has created so far seems to have the goal of making Barry get rid
of his crutches, such as technology, Luck, his friends, his concerns of the
past. (…) By eliminating all this, Barry must rely on his intellect, his
strength and his determination. This season (which has actually started on an
episode titled “The Flash Reborn “, ed.)would therefore Barry
focus on how becomes a true hero.
this theory, as incredible as it may be, was accurate, the writers would be
setting up a particularly tied screenplay twist. 
Indeed, the fact that DeVoe
is presented as the great villain as early in season 4 could be just a
subterfuge of writing, dedicated to distancing spectators from the true
antagonist of this batch of episodes: Marlize DeVoe. Clifford’s wife
seems indeed very attached to her husband, so would it be surprising that she
let this one die to teach Flash how to become a true hero. Obviously, Barry
will have many enemies this season, now remains to know who they will be …
next episode of the Flash will be released on November 28th on the CW. ,
entitled “Crisis on Earth-X“, this will be the third part of a
crossover with Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow.
Credit :CW

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