Crisis on Earth-X:  DC CW crossover -The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow episodes review


After fighting the Dominators last year, the heroes of Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow will again have to join forces in the Crisis on Earth-X crossover. This time, Nazis are from the party. Criticism without spoilers.
Now traditional, the annual crossover of the CW series (Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow) took place this week. While last year’s one actually used only 3 episodes to tell his story based on Dominators that invaded the Earth, this time the chain did things well. The plot begins really from the episode of Supergirl for more than 2 H 30 of an epic narrative where the characters of all the shows mix. Good news, especially as crisis on Earth-X is the name of this event, is a success overall.


Best wedding ever


To justify the meeting of the majority of the characters, the writers found a good excuse: the marriage of Barry and Iris. As the ceremony progresses and the spectator drowned in the honey and the good feelings typical of the CW series of the DC, Nazis attack the ceremony (thanks!) With a goal that we will not disclose.
It appears very quickly that these enemies actually come from Earth-X, an alternative version of the earth, where Hitler won the Second World War and where many alternative versions of our heroes are actually super villains. 
Again it would be a pity to say too much (especially as there are surprises for connoisseurs), but impossible not to raise the fantastic evil version of Supergirl, which sees humans as inferior and which allows the actress Melissa Benoist to let go (unlike Stephen Amell, still in single game).

A crossover with a big heart

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With this scenario worthy of the most unlikely adventures of Legends of Tomorrow, the crossover is pleased on the punchlines (Rory ) and the epic moments, but unfortunately, many flaws are always there to prevent the proposal from being perfect. The cutesy and long moments are a little too numerous, the painful characters are always (it is you that I look, Iris and Felicity),


the inconsistencies are legion (balancing fluctuating powers or non-powers of the characters, hacking in Patting randomly on a tablet, the Nazis almost “nice” and who come to fight in body to body while they are armed … etc.).
But as with the DC of The CW series, eventually, let it pass these details and be carried away by a crossover that wants above all to please the viewer with stupid dialogues (in the good sense of the term) and casual fights to largest each She even makes mistakes in passing. In addition, 


this giant episode happens not only to tell a unique story that is friendly but also to stall very many characters and advance some secondary elements of each show that, however, don’t talk to anyone but those who looked at them already. One of the decisions of this scenario, although very predictable, is also well brought and moving, as she deserved.

Crisis on Earth-X: Our opinion

Rejoicing. This is the main word that comes to mind after watching the 4 episodes constituting this giant crossover. Imperfect too, because if the writers of the CW are pleased and multiply the moments and dialogues quite memorable, they do not avoid to also fall head first in the main flaws of the DC shows of the chain like the Inconsistencies or interminable cutesy passages.
If you like (or at least tolerate) already some or all the DC series of the CW, you should enjoy Crisis on Earth-X, (to give you an idea, personally I like many Legends of Tomorrow,
I always look – often in pain – Arrow and the Flash but I gave up Supergirl, but if you are allergic, this crossover will probably not be enough to convince you to stay next. Even if it exploits very correctly a pleasure that we should all seek, namely hitting Nazis.

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