An artificial intelligence has just been developed by an artificial intelligence program. That’s just let Google know. This birth took place on his premises.


Google announces that one of its programs of artificial intelligence has given birth to another artificial intelligence (AI) yet then powerful.

This is happening at Google Brain, the division of Google specialized in artificial intelligence (AI) and that makes a little sci-fi film. What exactly is it? Last May, researchers at this laboratory developed a computer tool called AutoML (Automatic machine learning), an artificial intelligence, whose mission is to train other artificial intelligence (because an AI must be As a child). Today, this autoML, according to Google Brain, would have recently created an even more powerful new AI.

Image recognition

This artificial “girl” intelligence, called NASNet, is specialized in image recognition. His job: identify objects in videos, on the fly, for example, people, cars, traffic lights, objects such as backpacks or handbags, etc. According to the researchers, NASNet succeeds with 82.7% of success, or 1.2% better than what has been achieved so far, according to Google.

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What can it be used?

This could be used for autonomous vehicles in order to improve the recognition of people and objects on the road. This could also make it possible to create devices to help the visually impaired to “see”.

Should we be worried?

The AI is at the origin of many fantasies and it is necessary to know reason to keep. This experience only concerns a very precise application, the recognition of images. We are still very far from an artificial intelligence capable of competing with the human brain. Recently, it was said that at Facebook, two artificial intelligences had created a language for dialogue between them and that they had to be disconnected in an emergency. That was a very alarming summary. In fact, the experiment had been stopped because it was no longer working.
Google is competing with Facebook and other actors, on the issue of artificial intelligence and so there is a lot of communication around these topics.

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