A lynx-eyed fan spotted Carrie Fisher’s dog in a Star Wars shooting Photo: The last Jedi.


It was the director himself who confirmed that this little furry beast was indeed the dog of Carrie Fisher. The image in question had been unveiled by Empire magazine and we can actually see in the background what appears to be a dog disguised.

A curious fan did not delay to ask Rian Johnson, via Twitter, if it was not by chance the pet of the deceased Carrie Fisher. The filmmaker replied in the affirmative by noting that he had very good eyes.

The dog in question is a french bulldog named Gary and was offered to the actress by her daughter, Billie heavy. It had brought him Gary to help him manage his bipolar disorder. After the death of Carrie Fisher in December 2016, Corby McCoin, his personal assistant, adopted him.
Gary has even his personal Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Last October, he has even paid tribute to his former mistress.

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Find Gary and Carrie Fisher in Star Wars: the last Jedi in theaters on December 13.

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