It is some time now that we hear that Ben Affleck could be replaced by someone else in The Batman Movie. The actor who assumed the role of the batman far did share several times of his desire to leave his cape and his Batmobile to someone else. And it is now confirmed. 

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Looks like we can say goodbye to Ben Affleck in the role of Batman! 

Indeed, according to Variety “while Ben Affleck should appear as a Batman in the solo film on The Flash, it is highly unlikely that he puts on the cape and mask in the movie The Batman of Matt Reeves. 

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The Director wants new talent for the role, according to sources.” If nothing has yet been officially confirmed by the Director or even Ben Affleck, several clues in Justice League tease already a possible departure from the actor.


Now the question is: Who could replace Ben Affleck in Batman’s skin? 

The name of Jake Gyllenhaal has been mentioned several times, but he would not be the only one to covet the role of the Batman. The actor Jon Hamm, who was recently seen in the movie Baby Driver, would also be very interested! A source of RadarOnline explains that Jon Hamm the filmmaker was interested directly by him, who would see him in good stead to replace Ben Affleck.


The Movie is scheduled for 2020, it may need to wait for some time before discovering that Matt Reeves will be chosen to take over the mantle of Batman. And you, who do you see in the role of the Dark Knight

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Source : Variety – Crédit : Warner Bros DC Comics

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