In June, it will be 80 years since the publication of the adventures of the man of steel has begun. For the 1000th issue of Action Comics,  American publisher DC Comics is a never published story, written by the creators of the first superhero.

Almost 80 years ago, in June 1938, comic book American readers discovered the first issue of the monthly Action Comics. On the cover, a man wearing a red cape, a decorated blue combination of a badge in the shape of S and red underpants lifted a car out of arms. America was acquainted with Superman, and the Kryptonian to the tremendously strong would pave the way for hundreds of other heroes and heroines of the Earth and beyond.


Originally, the adventures of Superman, written by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, were to be one series among others published in Action Comics. But the success of the Man of steel, the anthology comic became a monthly magazine dedicated to the adventures of Superman. 80 years later, readers can still follow the adventures of the Kryptonian in Action Comics, which is one of the oldest comic American books, and especially that the highest numbers.

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