Discover 16 TV series not to be missed that will come back or arrive for the first time on the screens in 2018!


The Peak-TV, or the golden Age of television in all its forms. The TV series is now more democratized and consumed than ever, with nearly 500 productions per year in the US, whether in the traditional way, on the good old American network or cable channels, or on the new broadcasters that are creating On networks and other streaming platforms: from Netflix, to Epix, via Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video.


Between Nuggets and other works already or that are announcing cults, difficult to find. The brain offers you a selection of 18 series not to be missed absolutely this year, whether it is a novelty or a great return.


and happy year (it seems that you can say it until the end of the month, the brain will be annoyed!)


Jessica Jones season 2


Netflix superhero Jessica Jones is converted back to a private investigator. Haunted event traumatic of her past, she hides in New York and simply sordid adulterous Affairs. A new survey will bring old demons to…

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