Currently, it is very difficult to avoid items that do not address cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or another cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has soared dramatically in 2017, and it does not seem to slow down anytime soon, the value has steadily climbed on the end of the year 2017 even though its course has experienced a dip on this end of February 2018.

It is not surprise, everyone wants to participate in the acquisition of cryptocurrency. If you are thinking of delving into the mining of Bitcoin or Ethereum, that is, to undermine Bitcoin, it would be nice to ask you for the purchase of one of the best GPU miners (GPU: Graphic Processing Unit, video graphics card) available on the Market today.


In the wake of the boom in the cryptocurrencies, we’ve put together this list of the best graphics cards so that you can spend as little time as possible to inform you and the more time to use it to mining  bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies).

We went ahead and have filed five of the best GPU you can buy today, with the price and efficiency in mind. Which is a good thing because you don’t want to spend too much time shopping and that the popularity of Bitcoin has led to huge price increases for all the best graphic cards.

The idea behind the cryptocurrencies like the Bitcoin and the Ethereum is that they are generated and transferred between individuals, independently of the central authorities, such as the traditional banks or Governments.

Best graphics card for bitcoin mining

Part of the attraction of mining for the cryptocurrencies is that you can use an ordinary PC to mining. Many cryptocurrencies, like the Ethereum, use hash of the memory techniques. Therefore, a PC with a decent graphics with a good amount of memory graphic card is necessary.


So, when you go to buy the best graphics processor, you must consider the amount of memory that the GPU as well as energy consumption and cost. This is because when you start exploring the cryptocurrencies with your new GPU, you will get huge amounts of cryptocurrencies to start.

Therefore, you should try to minimize your initial purchase and operating costs in order to maximize profits and reduce the time it takes to reinvest your initial investment.


That’s why we’ve created this list of the best GPU to mining  Bitcoin.


What is  the best  graphics card for bitcoin mining ?


1 – AMD RX 480


If you want a low cost of entry into the mining world of cryptocurrencies, the AMD 480 RX is an excellent choice. This is because the GPU is a little older than the AMD Radeon RX 580, so prices are low, when you can find one in stock. It’s another AMD card which can be difficult to acquire due to its capacity of mining. However, with 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM, this graphics card reached a rate of decent hash of 28mh/s and does not require too much power. There are also versions with 4 GB of GDDR5 RAM, if you’re looking for an even more economical mining GPU.

Pros : Very affordable price, good performances in mining

Cons : Often out of stock

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