The Tango Gameworks studio responded favourably to the request of fans, allowing now players to throw The Evil Within 2 in the first person.

For the record, a few cunning players had found a way to extend the view first person (limited to a passage) game in its entirety. As a result, the community asked make it an official feature.

Evidence that Tango Gameworks has heard the call and knew how to pleasure his community. The entirety of the game is now available in view first person via a free update, on PC, PS4 and Xbox One




 The entirety of the game is now available in view first person via a free update, on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

The Evil Within 2 in the first person GAMEPLAY 1080p 60 fps


For those who do not yet have The Evil Within 2 and who would like to test it before deciding to buy it, it is possible to download the free trial and play the first chapters. The progression will, of course, preserved and automatically taken into account if the player invests in the game. On the other hand, the full game will feature a digital promotion to get it with a 50% discount. This promo is active right now, until 19 February on Steam and until 20 February on PS4 and Xbox One.

For those who already have The Evil Within 2, change your view will not complicated, on the contrary, simply press a button in the menu. It will be possible to toggle from one mode to another without constraints.

Shinsaku Ohara, producer of the game, gave an interview Bethesda‘s official website on the issues and challenges related to this game mode.


What is it that you decided to offer this feature for the entire game?

We had a little tested the view in the first person, once the game is over, but it was more to see what it was because the game was designed to be played in the third person.

Some users have found a way to activate this mode out of the box provided, and as the response has been quite positive, we said ‘come on, let’s be crazy. Let me get this bonus on all platforms! ». Many players like to play first-person horror games, so for those who want to confront situations of the game through the eyes of Sebastian, it’s a pretty neat experience.


Have what challenges you faced to implement a whole new point of view in a finished game? Have you had any problems?

The Evil Within 2 was not designed as a game in the first person, it was therefore rather difficult. We could describe this work as a ‘high level hack’, but do not compare it with DOOM or any game of the genre. Some scenes weren’t working at all, so the view is sometimes quickly to the third person. But we made sure the game is fun to browse as well and hope that people will appreciate this mode.


Do you have a particular moment you prefer first-person?

I think that we realize better Union scale when we discover it first person rather than to the third. Also, see our environments and enemies close will allow players appreciate even more all our work in design.


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