Discover the great female figures who have marked the history of the space conquest . American astronauts or Russian astronauts, doctors, scientists, educators, these portraits of women does not leave you indifferent.




Credit Nasa

Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman to go into space. This Soviet Cosmonaut came from a poor family. After limited studies, she started working in a textile factory. However, his passion since the youngest age for the parachute jump will make her an ideal candidate for the space project. She was selected by the Party on February 16, 1962, the authorities highlight of course proletarian history, where his father, an anonymous hero of the second world war, even if his knowledge learned autodidact was sufficient.


His shuttle takes off on 21 May 1959 while she was 26, which made her, until today, the youngest woman to go into space, it is Gherman Titov, who holds that record with a trip at the age of 25 years. As well, as it was not part of the military body, it is the first civil to have left Earth.

The trip lasts three days, during which she will turn 48 times around the Earth. His many records is added then the longest solitary flight for an astronaut and a cosmonaut at the time. Despite the success of this mission, it would be 19 years until a Soviet woman to join the space program.


She later became a prominent member of the Communist Party through its popularity. For the record, while she was finalist for the program with Valentina Ponomariova, Libra leaned over in his favor when the question: “what do you expect from life?”, she replied: “I will support without fail the Komsomol and Communist Party.

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