The Flash Season 4 seems stranger than the previous ones? That’s because Barry would never get out of Speed Force! That’s the WTF theory of the week.


Season 4 of The Flash is both amazing and very mysterious. It seems that all the pieces of the puzzle are much more difficult to collect than usual.

First of all, one wonders who is the strange young woman who invited herself to the wedding to Barry but also why Cecile suddenly has powers of telepathy. Certainly the young woman is pregnant but neither Joe, or she is a metahuman.


Iris will also become a speedster in Season 4 of the Flash and again, we wonder where her new abilities will come from. As for Barry, why was he framed so easily by Devo? An increasingly popular theory among fans would explain the quirks of season 4 of the Flash. Barry would actually never get out of Speed Force! That’s the WTF theory of the week.




Barry no longer remembers weird symbols he drew and strange phrases he pronounced upon his return, which looks suspicious because the Speed Force has no effect on the memory of those who have experienced it.

Cisco And Ralph Meet Someone Who Writes In Speedforce Language

The superhero would be in a constant loop of time within the Speed Force, and she actually would not be completed in the season 4 of The Flash.


While torturing her prisoners by forcing them to relive their worst moments, Barry lost his trial and was convicted of a murder he did not commit, which seems very familiar because it is the story of his father!

He even found himself in the same cell as Henry! A strange coincidence, isn’t it? Each of his attempts against Devo, the perfect opposite of the hero, ended up being foiled and led to public humiliation.


This is Barry’s worst nightmare! As for the mysterious girl, who would be Dawn Allen, she would try to help her father break free.

Not Dawn Allen CONFIRMED? Speed Force Symbols? – The Flash Season 4



But if this theory were true, it would mean that everything we saw didn’t really happen! Stein For example would not be dead! That would be very ambitious, but is it really possible?

While waiting to learn more, check out all the details on the return of Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick in episode 15 of season 4 of the Flash?

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