The last episode of The Flash seems to have put the hero in trouble. Indeed, while he attempted to exonerate his cellmate, Big Sur, Barry found himself faced with a difficult choice. Leave him in prison for a crime he did not commit or pull him out so that he live his life in peace, far from the prison.

Being behind bars, it is difficult for Barry to use his powers as there are cameras everywhere. He eventually decide to leave Big Sur from there by taking him in China in a monastery with monks who made vows of silence since this is the dream of Big Sur.

Will the secret identity of Barry be unmasked in the eyes of the world in The Flash? Spoilers.

Of course, his getaway did not go unnoticed. While he thought embezzling cameras, Barry is not realized that another camera has been hidden to spy on him. Indeed, the Director of the prison was not fan because Barry wanted to exonerate Big Sur and wanted to keep an eye on him. So he is unmasked by the Director of the prison which is clearly not a trustworthy person.

Instead of saying he’s probably innocent, Wolfe didn’t waste any time and called Amunet to swap Barry for money. Wolfe therefore uses his position as director at Iron Heights to sell meta inmates. So Barry is in very bad shape and he is about to be unmasked in the eyes of the world.

We wait to see how the series will solve this problem.

In the rest of the episode, Cecile discovered the powers of telepath. Her pregnancy has triggered her abilities and she can read in people’s thoughts. It is obvious that this will serve the Flash team in future episodes to solve the current intrigues. Who knows, maybe she’ll cross the mysterious girl and discover her identity.

Next week, Barry will find out that Amunet has made an agreement with Iron Heights to buy meta. He will have to decide whether or not to expose his powers to his co-convicts to save them. Elsewhere, Ralph will have a visit from an old acquaintance.


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