Let’s start the week on the wheel hats with one of the news that was dreaded to write for a few months: new information on the departure of Zack Snyder from the DC Extended Universe, announced in tragic circumstances last year following the Suicide of his daughter.

On departure, journalist Josh L. Dickey, who is known to have written on variety and Mashable-two rather very reliable sources-indeed announces, but in half words, that Zack Snyder and his producer of companion Deborah Snyder would have been pushed to the exit Of the DCEU long before the death of the young woman.


The guy’s article from last year revolved around the pot, but as he soon left the Hollywood journalism community, Dickey allowed himself to announce much more clearly on Twitter that Zack Snyder had been fired from the DCEU there More than a year ago. The announcement is colossal, as it mixes with a rather troubling ethical issue, in addition to questioning what we know of the Snyders ‘ departure.


According to the article at the time, Warner Bros. Would have feared the oft-discussed artistic direction of the Snyders on the DC universe. But above all, the studio would have always been more concerned about the budgets not kept by the duo. Add to that a Wonder Woman who had respected her means while proposing a more colorful and luminous version of the two-letter universe, and you get the drop of water that would have spilled the vase.

One place rather plausible if we remember the distance that had taken each month the bosses (including the writer Geoff Johns of the DCEU comics) and its actors with Zack Snyder, but must admit that ambient cynicism has to give the nausea. Warner Bros. and the couple Snyder would they used their family tragedy as a way out? The idea is to throw up and it is at this stage of the facts that it’s hard to pick up the pieces.


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Whatever it is, the impact of the Snyder on the DCEU is doomed to minimize. We still have no news of a new cut for the Justice League and the statements of the couple went in the direction of an estrangement with the DC Universe. Officially, they will be still credited to the production of Aquaman, Suicide Squad 2 and The Flash and Toby Emmerich, the boss of Warner Bros., always declares them very close to the studio.

But in fact, this dark affair and the tragedy experienced by the Snyder family obviously tend to keep them away from Warner Bros. The agreement between the two parties will be decided when the director and the producer announce their next project, which could change the studio. Until then, we will remain very cautious about this case, even though all of the recent announcements of the DCEU are radically moving away from the Snyder ideas.

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