Google Earth occupies a place at the party of the theory of conspiracy and they are thus each year thousands to skim the service in order to try to get hold of any evidence of the existence of aliens, Reptilians or even ancient Civilizations.


Here is a compilation of the 8 most strange weird and unusual things were  found on Google Earth  in recent months.

After compiling a complete map of the web, Google felt the need to go further by mapping our planet.


In 2004, the American giant signed a large cheque to get their hands on Earth Viewer, a mapping tool developed by Keyhole INC.


Renamed Google Earth a year later, the latter has evolved a lot over the years and has thus enriched several modes of visualization in order to reinforce the feeling of immersion of users.

Now, thanks to him, everyone has the opportunity to walk virtually around the world and explore their different continents without the need to physically take the road.

However, the curious and the eternal holidaymakers are not the only ones to use the service. The tool has indeed allowed scientists to discover new ecosystems and it has also been used by burglars to make breaks.

And as much as we have said clearly, the last few months have been quite busy. So here’s a little compilation of :


the weirdest stuff found on Google Earth



1# The giants of the Pyramids of Giza



By virtually promising in Egypt near the pyramids of Giza, a surfer stumbled across two giants crossing the road as if nothing had happened.


The case had made quite a lot of noises, until slightly more informed observers pointed out that the service sometimes tended to bug the outlook when assembling the images captured by the cars of the Google Street view program.


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