Google Lens Able to analyze photos to give useful and real-time information about everything around us, the functionality hitherto exclusive to Pixel 2 is available for all Android devices updated to the latest version and soon on IOS.

Google has just formalized its Lens on Android and iOS service launch. The deployment of this feature will pass through the Google Photos application and will in a first time on Android smartphones.

The good news is that iOS is also concerned. However, Google has not given details about the arrival of Lens on the terminals of the firm at the Apple.

Announced at the MWC in Barcelona, the large-scale Lens on Android is involved in a context favourable to the integration of augmented reality – and applications that are derived – in our daily lives.

The feature of Google thus takes some basics of the AR and aims to make searching for information about places, buildings or objects, practical, playful and above all fast.


Take a picture of a pair of shoes, immediately know the brand and be able to buy it online, as our reporter had tested at the launch of the Pixel 2 smartphone. From the image of a restaurant, instantly get customer reviews, menu dishes and opening times.

Or be able to locate useful information on a mail type or phone number poster to integrate it into its contacts directory.


These are just a few examples of what the Google Lens feature allows, which will be progressively deployed to all smartphones on Android. Google announced it via a tweet posted last Monday.

Google lens App  for android and IOS

Following the last update of the application Google Photos, this new feature which allows you to scan around us for the top real-time information, is available on all smartphones running Android 8.

Presented to the public in May when the I/O developer conference organized by Google, Google Lens was until then available on Google’s own smartphones, the Pixel range.

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What is Google Lens ?

 Lens is a service able to identify what you show him through the main camera of a smartphone. Whether monuments (like the Coit Tower in San Francisco in the example below), objects or stores, Lens will be able to scan what we showed him, to identify in real time what it is and give additional information.


This technology is in a way the descendant of the French start-up MoodStocks had managed to develop before being redeemed by… the firm of Mountain View in 2016. A little touch frenchie in Lens so there…

Remains that far, Lens was available on Google 2 Pixel and Pixel 2 XL. His arrival on all terminals equipped with Google Photos is good news.

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Google Lens, how does it work?

Google Lens is a feature of several Google applications, including, now Google Assistant. Just point the camera from the smartphone to a plant, a store, a book… A square is displayed around the items identified by the system. Not only are the latter identified, but contextual suggestions appear, for example if you take a flower in a photo, you will have the addresses of the florists around you.

Another example: for restaurants, you will know immediately what are the opinions of the surfers, or the opening times among other examples.

How to use Google Lens ?


Using Google Lens is very simple. As soon as the feature will be pushed on your smartphone, a new icon will appear in Google Photos and Google Wizard. Just tap it to start to identify objects. Bonus: you can use it to recognize written information on screenshots, such as phone numbers.

Or for example code WiFi on a label behind your internet box. Tap the icon, tap, capture, press the action, and you win precious time!


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Top 5 best Alternatives to Google Lens on Android


With augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) blurring the boundaries between the real and the virtual, every technology company, big companies like Google and Facebook to startups like Magic Leap and WaveOptics, is trying to new Emerging technology.

Google has been working on AR for some time now, but its previous project, ‘ Goggles ‘, has been abandoned as early as 2014.

Not discouraged by the setback, the company recently announced another service that promises to revolutionize the way we search for information about the physical things around us on the web.  Google Lens, the software was announced earlier this year at the company’s annual I/O Developers conference in San Francisco, California. The feature will be integrated with Google Assistant, as well as Google Photos.

but will be available only on the two devices Pixel of second generation at the moment before being more widely available in the coming months. So, in case you want to try something similar without buying a 2 Pixel, you can try these alternatives Google Lens on your smartphone:




CamFind is one of the oldest and best-known image search applications. It is available for free on Android and IOS. The application is obviously not an exact replica of Google Lens, as far as it does not AR, but it is simply the best thing to do. CamFind allows you to take a photo of any object around you and upload it to its servers in one click. It then uses its exclusive CloudSight image recognition API to not only tell you what it is, but also suggest websites that could provide you with more information on the subject.

From what we’ve seen, these search results also include related images and local shopping results from e-commerce sites such as Amazon.

While the two things we tried worked well (a computer keyboard and a hatchback), the company also claims that CamFind is able to properly identify the films from their posters. Not only that, once the application identifies a movie, it will seem to appear trailers, schedules, and even suggest local theatres that broadcast the film. You can also mark a particular search as a favorite if you want to return to it later.


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“Live Stream” and “Popular” are two of the other features that allow users to view other research in real time. This only ‘popular’ while of research that have been marked as “favorite” by other users, “Live search” shows you the new downloads in real time. However, these two features are disabled by default and must be enabled manually if you want to share your research with others.


However, privacy-conscious users can be assured. On the other hand, if you want to advertise for your research in the rest of the world, you can also share them on social networks or send them to your WHATSAPP contacts from the application.


DownloadCamFind from Googleplay


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