the season 2 of Jessica Jones Marvel has left a big place for the second roles. Trish, of course, but also Malcolm (aka Darville), became partner and associate of the most heroic heroine of Marvel. And this is not innocent, as the designer Melissa Rosenberg explains:


“This relationship between Jessica and Malcolm is one of my favorites,” says Jessica Jones ‘ showrunner .  “He’s a bit like a little brother to her… we know she lost her little brother years ago in this accident. “

“Jessica is not the kind of girl to let others approach. She’s very secretive and she’s trying to shut the door on Malcolm, but he keeps coming back.  “

Rosenberg continues and explains his dedication to the character, which she has held to explore this year:  “The Story of Malcolm, from the beginning, is the story of a boy who becomes a man. This season, he is really trying to build his life, to build something with Jessica, to make her contribution to the world. And he manages, little by little, to make a path in the life of Jessica.  “


Jessica Jones season 2- The perfect representation of women’s wrath


“It is not for nothing that this second season was put online on March 8th, the International Day of Women’s struggle”, recalls the cultural magazine. Indeed, for this second part of the adventures of the heroine vengeful, Netflix has clearly centered its marketing campaign on the wrath of women. With a symbolic date online, as well as a poster campaign highlighting the feminine power (and claiming “fight like a Woman” – see illustration picture). Thus, “if the first season dealt with the ability to survive a severe trauma, the second season is clearly about what comes after: Anger,” continues the fortnightly:


“Rosenberg deciphers feminist rage by exploring many angles, through Jessica, but also through all the women around her. “


Inspired by the film noir, a film genre in which is traditionally staged a disillusioned and often tortured detective man, as well as one or more often fatal and seductive women, Jessica Jones also allows herself to circumvent The codes. Her heroine is cynical, violent, alcoholic, but she’s still “a strong female character”. Despite his superpowers,


“Jessica has the elegance of being fragile and collapsing. This woman does not have to apologize. And right now, this is the story we want to hear. “


“Jessica Jones Marvel “: Why does it absolutely watch season 2

 Few Superheroe like Jessica Jones can be found in movies and television. Tortured, dark, alcoholic, she is far from being a perfect character from every angle. She is human and lives realistic and everyday situations. Suffering from post-traumatic stress after being abused mentally and physically by Killgrave, Jessica embarks on an investigation into her past.


The opportunity to discover its origins for the neophytes and to review its “origin story” on the screen for enthusiasts of the comics. Far from being annoying, these sequences are the red thread of season 2. For, all the personality of Jessica (grumpy, violent, sarcastic) is not only related to the abuses of Killgrave. With this second season, hard to imagine another actress to embody Jessica Jones. Krysten Ritter, also known for his roles in breaking Bad, Don’t Trust the B—-in Apartment 23, gives an exceptional charisma and accuracy to our private investigator gruff.

In these new episodes, the actress reveals a new palette of the feelings of Jessica Jones. Because, she may have superhuman strength, she is just as fragile, broken and angry. And at the same time, she distills beautiful punchlines, as when she replies  “It’s very rapist ” to one of his enemies who says to him  “They never tell Me”. Krysten Ritter gives birth to a powerful heroine that the public can identify with.


 “Being part of something so powerful for so many women, the character was well received thanks to its difference. It’s not every day that you play in a show that can inspire a social conversation  “, incidentally explained the actress in an interview reported by the media New York Daily News.


A successful girl power


After Black Panther worn by his warrior heroines, Jessica Jones again makes the beautiful part of the girl power. The relationship between Jessica and Trish’s adoptive sister/best friend is a fine example of a sorority, rarely seen in the Marvel universe. Trish also wins in intensity in this season 2 by helping Jessica in her investigation, without worrying about the dangers. 

“Trish emphasizes justice for powerful characters like Jessica. She is ready to go very far, to feel she is the equal of Jessica , explains Rachel Taylor (Trish) at Yahoo. And behind the camera, the girl power is also present since all 13 episodes were made by women.  “There are many highly qualified and talented filmmakers, we simply opened the door,” explains Melissa Rosenberg at EW.


Marvel’s Jessica Jones: 10 Little Easter eggs hidden in season 2


Like any Marvel series that respects itself, Jessica Jones ‘ Season 2-available on Netflix-is full of little hidden details about the universe created by the House of Ideas. Little tour of the horizon.




From the first episode, a unusual Marvel superhero presents himself at Alias Investigations: Robert Coleman aka Whizzer. Muffled a blue T-shirt and a yellow hoodie (the same colors as his costume in the comics), the anxious young man can move at a superhuman speed. Better still, it is the Emil mongoose of Whizzer (which is seen in picture) that Jessica frees in the apartment of the deceased to attack the police. This little wink refers to Whizzer’s father in the comics called Emil who injects mongoose blood to save his son and turn him into a superhero!




In episode 1, Jessica Jones meets a slew of potential new clients. Among them, a young woman warns our detective of the presence in the city of Green lizards, which take human form (including that of Jay-Z). This seems to be a non-direct reference to the Skrulls, from extraterrestrials to green skin to the powers of shapeshifters… villains who risk appearing in Captain Marvel or the next Avengers.




Nothing is left to chance in Jessica Jones. In episode 1, our private investigator and adoptive sister Trish meet for a small open-air cinema: The film screened, released in 1946, is called The Killers. It follows the story of a boxer who decides at the last moment to sabotage a game rigged by the mafia. A storyline reminiscent of Matt Murdock’s father aka Daredevil.





To help Jessica Jones to reminisce about her past and thus catch the people of IGH, Trish advises her best friend to meet a hypnotist. His little name? Dr. Tiboldt. A character that Marvel fans know well since he is the the Ring Master, member of the Infernal Circus. A villain who hypnotizes his victims…


Captain AMERICA’s Shield


Vido, Oscar’s son is an unconditional fan of Captain America. The young boy has a superhero figurine. When he shows it to Jessica, he explains that he replaced the shield he lost by a magnet and a metal button. A prophetic anecdote when we know that Jessica Jones is located before Captain America: Civil War and that in the end, the superhero loses his shield and updates it with a magnetic system.




The series mentions the Raft, an ultra-secure enclosure where humans with powers are sent. An underwater prison that is also mentioned in the film Civil War. This is where the Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye and Ant-Man are locked before Captain America comes to save them.




At 95 years old, Stan Lee, the creative comics writer-among others-Spider-Man, Hulk or Avengers, appears in all Marvel movies and series. The season 2 of Jessica Jones could not afford to escape the tradition. Quite visible, although very fast, he appeared in Episode 9, on a pub for a law firm on the back of a bus.




Marvel’s ‘s Season 2 Jessica Jones introduced Dr. Karl Malus, IGH’s collaborator, who initiated the operation that saved the life of Jessica and her mother. If in the series, this doctor is rather harmless, in the comics, he is a mad scientist, sworn enemy of Captain America.




Hellcat pointed the end of his face in the last episode of Marvel’s Jessica Jones. This Marvel superhero is no other than Trish’s alter ego (Patsy in the comics). The journalist seems to have gained her powers (agility, speed) thanks to the operation led by Dr Malus. We should see it in action in season 3 of the series, if it is renewed.




Before he died, Whizzer had recorded several videos to explain his identity and the negative consequences of his powers. Thus, Jessica intends to say:  “A great power implies a serious mental illness.” A message echoing the replica of Uncle Ben to Peter Parker in Spiderman (Sam Raimi version), namely  “Great power implies great responsibilities”



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