At the San Diego Comic Con, the Timeless nbc team thanked the fans for their support for getting a season 2. Despite low audiences (between 3 and 4 million), after the promo of the episode, the video below reveals the whole story and the progression of the actions of fans. We like that kind of stuff!

Timeless Season 2 NBC Release Date, News & Reviews 

So it’s season 2 that starts this week with an episode that does not hesitate to upset a little the pattern of the series. Timeless’s charm is to offer a high concept that is not treated with pretense. This 90s spirit is fun to see and Season 1 was very entertaining despite a little worn twists. Making it a family history   is not the most original.

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TIMELESS NBC : Season 2 episode 1 Review

This episode puts us in front of the accomplished fact: someone sabotaged Operation Lifeboat and it is in a bunker that Rufus and Wyatt are trying to repair the machine. Lucy disappeared, struggling with Rittenhouse… and her own mother. It was in 1918 in the midst of the World War in France that this little world landed.

This sense of urgency to find Lucy gives a certain rhythm to the episode that remains stingy in revelations. In search of Marie Curie, Lucy, her mother and Emma Whitmore are trying to save a soldier. The character of Emma Whitmore is rather a hot and becomes a pretty exciting and interesting threat.

And when we know that Garcia Flynn is still in the game, we understand that the cards are going to be redistributed with unlikely alliances. Meanwhile, the episode is pleasant, even offers crisp dialogues like when the daughter of Marie Curie, in a perfect French (it is rare in the series) speaks of the dipping of biscuit, expression well French.

It’s really in the last third that we understand that season 2 will explore new tracks with Rittenhouse agents scattered at various times without forgetting the strange discomfort of Jiya that we had entraperçus in the final of season 1. Season 2 will move towards a less traditional formula show appearance with bases that touch the red thread.

The tone oscillated wildly between campy fun and self-serious drama, and even though the rules of time travel didn’t always make sense, they sure made for some crazy twists and turns. And perhaps most importantly, it was anchored by three extremely magnetic leads: Abigail Spencer as historian Lucy Preston, Matt Lanter as soldier Wyatt Logan, and Malcolm Barrett as pilot Rufus Carlin.

With the season 2 premiere, “The War to End All Wars,” Timeless is focusing on the parts of season 1 that worked the best (like its strong characters) and jettisoning the parts that didn’t (like the overly complicated and frequently confusing Rittenhouse mythology). When we last left our heroes, 

Only that last tidbit is really relevant to the machinations of “The War to End All Wars,” where our yesteryear port of call is France, circa 1918. It’s World War I and American troops  including that one guy who suspiciously carries a smartphone  are helping to launch an offensive against the Germans at the Battle of Saint-Mihiel. Whereas our Scooby Gang used to chase Flynn through time with the primary purpose of thwarting his history-changing missions, now Wyatt and Rufus are off in the Lifeboat to do one thing: Get Lucy back from Rittenhouse.

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It’s a gamble because only Wyatt is convinced that Lucy is still alive, and he insists on keeping a seat free in their time-travel capsule for her return trip.

The quest for Rittenhouse agents will give a little salt and thick to the intrigues. The mythology will grow more quickly and offer us, surely, a beautiful conclusion. The hearings are still confidential, there was no effect of curiosity (as often in the series recovered). The scriptwriters must be already on the tab to propose a beautiful development. Enjoy!



Timless season 2  Along with Lucy one discovers notably Mason (Paterson Joseph), Christopher (Sakina Jaffrey) and Jiya (Claudia Doumit), Emma (Annie Wersching) and Marie Curie (Kim Bubbs).

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