So inside the final two episodes of the  Flash, the crew made a surprising however true affiliation between their cutting-edge villain Clifford DeVoe ‘The Thinker’, and their first ever and worst villain up to now, Eobard Thawne, the ‘Reverse Flash’.

And what do the 2 have in not unusual?

They are each long-term planners, light years in advance of Team Flash every step of the way. Now, whilst this could seem just like a remark on the floor, it absolutely has a whole lot deeper, far-achieving meanings for both the display and the team.

Devoe Flash  Battle

First and maximum crucial, Thawne turned into by no means without a doubt defeated. Though it appeared so at the give up of Season 1, we’ve got considering that visible proof that Thawne cannot ever actually go away and he usually knew that.

The equal Thawne who Barry fought in season one seemed again this season, coming from –wait for it– every other Earth! DeVoe’s mind is so superior that he has a concept of everything, the entirety Team Flash should do to try and prevent him every step of the way.


Now, there was a variety of speculation among fans that the team could come to be running together with his spouse, Marlize, however, he appears to have predicted her lack of faith additionally.

There isn’t any different motive he has saved the bus-meta Weeper without taking his frame but is now the usage of the meta’s capability to supply a ‘love-drug’ to maintain his spouse satisfied, sedated and in taking a look at.

It appears that he has an idea of the whole thing, meaning that he may want to have even already predicted Well’s use of the questioning cap as a way to try to out-think him.

This puts the crew in a precarious state of affairs. While seasons of TV shows which include this commonly stop with the group defeating the villain, it is a possibility that Team Flash will not defeat DeVoe in any respect this season.


And yeah, this is critical, due to the fact if DeVoe does succeed in bringing approximately his ‘Enlightenment’, does this suggest that Ralph is doomed? The fact is, we do not without a doubt realize what DeVoe needs the numerous competencies of the bus Metas  for.

It might be that Ralph is already gratifying his reason as a part of Team Flash.

Let’s face it DeVoe is best a villain because he has proven a willingness to kill the bus Meta and take their skills. A no different person has been warmed up to now.

What if the ‘Enlightenment’ he needs isn’t always truly a terrible element? What if it finally ends up being right for Central City and the Arrowverse at large? Yeah, that’ll be a real twist.


 Everyone has been assuming DeVoe wants to maintain on residing after he has fulfilled his mission, so he’s going to need a body that could regenerate himself and heal speedily considering the rapid fee at which his frame is degenerating with all the capabilities he has absorbed.

However, this could now not be the case at all. DeVoe’s plan would possibly without a doubt be to die after the Enlightenment has been done.

If this is proper, DeVoe might end up his personal defeater, not Team Flash.

They might have just been walking approximately for not anything.

Think about it how certainly can Team Flash triumph over someone who has a concept of every opportunity.

Just think how splendidly first rate Wells became in only the quick time he put on the cap, to speak less of DeVoe who has been affected each by way of the cap and via Dark depend.

Can they do it? Will they ever do it?

This is a huge possibility. Just like Thawne, DeVoe might by no means be defeated.


But is he truly a villain? Let’s reflect consideration of it. We’ve seen his backstory, and at the same time as it is every day for suggests to humanize their villains, make them greater thrilling and deliver them depth, DeVoe has never shown any sign of trying something else than exact for the arena.

Yes, his approach is probably a bit severe, he might be inclined to hurt some humans now not a lot, just a few to gain it, which is probably an outcome of bloodless, emotionally void reasoning, however, does this truly exchange his endgame?

Thawne in season one simplest desired to go again to his time. Yes, that changed into an egocentric motive.

DeVoe, however, has become the Thinker for a completely unselfish one. All he desired was to allow the arena understand greater.

He changed into an instructor, is a professor, and what he does in his lecture room is what he desired for the whole world. He was bored to death along with his college students lack the know-how.

So, is he certainly a villain? Is he clearly a terrible man? Should the Enlightenment be stopped?

Team Flash has no idea what he is making plans. The most effective issue they’ve gone for them are the warnings from Savitar and Abracadabra from the closing season and that’s what we’re given them jogging scared in the first place.

Since then DeVoe has shown some bad characteristics, but apart from the bus-metas, the most effective individual he has hurt is himself! He surely killed his personal body! Does he really want to stay?

We haven’t any idea. What’s his endgame?

We don’t have any concept! And the season is already in its very last phase.

Could it’s that the enlightenment definitely has to manifest?

What is the enlightenment?

Is it just an imbuing of knowledge, or will it make a number of folks extraordinary geniuses?

Well, wager we’ll wait and see. Hopefully, in or three episodes time, we’ll get to recognize DeVoe’s real endgame and see if Team Flash can do something that he hasn’t the concept of yet.


Harrison Wells is not the Reverse Flash Theory! Is Cisco leaving Team Flash?


This is the mystery of the moment… What’s Harrison Wells up to? The craziest theories have been circulating for a few hours. The Harrison Wells of Earth-2 was replaced by the Eobard Thawe of Earth-1, seen for the last time in the crossover ‘ Crisis on Earth-X ‘ (even though the character was supposed to be dead following the events of season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow)? One thing is for sure, the Flash writers know how to count. There are well 1078 days between the broadcast of ‘ The Trap ‘ (1 × 20) and ‘ Null and drowned ‘ (4 × 17)!





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