The Flash is back next week with ‘ Null and drowned ‘, an episode directed by Kevin Smith. For his third episode behind the camera, the world’s most famous geek offered himself a cameo .

He will play Bob the security guard and give the reply to his always friend, Jason Mewes, to embody Jay the security guard. So this is a kind of crossover with the View Askewniverse (Jay and Bob counter-attacking, clerks, model employees)! By the way, we wish the best to Smith, who was the victim of a myocardial infarction at the end of February.

The Flash – Saison 4 – Episode 17 – ‘Null and Annoyed’


Barry and Ralph take different approaches to finding the last meta of the bus before Devo. However, Ralph‘s cavalier attitude frustrated Barry and the two clashed over what it meant to be a hero. Meanwhile, Breacher comes back for a request a favor from Cisco.

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