Lost in space is a remake of The science fiction TV show originally launched in the 1960s has long been a serious rival to Star Trek’s aliens, this time on Netflix.

Lost in space The original black and white work chronicles the adventures of the Robinson family who fled the crowded planet in 1997.

This team will soon run into Matt Hawkins and find himself a special franchise if he tries to make a comeback.


Lost in space season1 Cast :


the Robinson 2.0 family has found its performer: Toby Stephens (Black Sails) will be John, the bishop and commander of the expedition, Molly Parker (House of Cards) will play Maureen, the engineer and brave mum, Tyler Russell (Failing Skies) will be their eldest daughter Judy will play their second daughter, and Daughter Robinson (Daughter), and Serenzie Smith will be the young as a part of the Serennio Smith (Daugh).


Makings off

Neil Marshall (The Descent, New Hellboy) is working on the new role in filming the June 2017 film “Lost in Space,” in Vancouver, Canada. Matt Sazama and Burke Sharless (Dracula Untold) were commissioned to write the new script, while Zach Estrin  as  actor.

The Plot :

Like its pioneers in the 1960s, Lost Space will tell Robinson the adventures of leaving Earth, be chosen as part of a space colony and create a better world.

This story will be told this time in 2046. Once again, this little family will crash on an unknown planet and face a desolate environment, but especially its own demons of moving from your couch to Mars.

In the 2046, the earth was crowded with dwindling resources. In order to survive, man must colonize other planets.

On Jupiter 2, the Robinson family (parents and their three gifted children, two teenage girls and the youngest child) were sent to a distant galaxy … (26 trillion light-years, let us say exactly) a colony of Alpha Centauri. But the little walk went wrong.



Victims of the event, their ship crashes into space on an unknown (and inevitably) hostile planet. Hail, meetings with robotic aliens (friends or enemies?), terrifying slimy creatures. Robinson must fight for their survival to reach their final destination.


The 1960s cult series restarted, lost space revived the SF series of ambitious “Star Trek”, “Monkey Planet” or recently lost tradition, missing (in order to survive in an unfriendly environment).


The series, released on American television in the 1960s, tells of the adventures of a group of explorers and settlers who have been forced to live in a ruthless alien universe that is only a few years away from their destinations.


The classic science fiction novel, Lost in Space in the Space Fantasy mode of American television in the 1960s, tells the adventures of a clever Robinson family.

These pioneers of space colonization turned their civilisation mission into a struggle for survival after the collapse of their ship. The saga was so cult that it produced a disappointing film with Matt Le Blanc (friend) in 1998.

Netflix has been reinventing it with a huge budget, which can bring amazing special effects.

But although Tobystevens (black sail) embodies the patriarch, the heroic family lacks thickness.

Almost no catastrophe can be avoided, and another catastrophe will not allow the character to develop and the audience will not worry about their presence.

These shipwreck spaces remind people of lost adventures.

In fact, the lost space seems to be designed for children, not for their parents.


However, in particular, it is a wonderful moment for Steven Spielberg duo that the youngest sibling has established friendships with a strange robot and provided this friendship.


Get the popcorn! Magnificent scenery + special effects worthy of Blockbuster + humanistic value conspiracy = Large program, living from your living room.





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